Cell4pets Is Offering More For iPhones Plus Additional Cash w/Promo Code

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania - Cell4pets is now buying iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and 13 Mini for more, plus an additional $10.00 bonus with coupon code ADDTEN. Cell4pets is offering an additional $10.00 when you sell them any iPhone or iPad with a value of $100.00 or more. Enter Coupon Code ADDTEN at checkout to receive the $10.00 bonus. They will buy iPhone 8 up through iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Cell4pets offers some of the highest payouts in the industry, typically 30% more than the carriers.

"Our mission here at cell4pets is to find responsible and loving homes for the millions of abandoned and abused dogs and cats," explains Richard Hirsch, owner. "We achieve this by reselling your device and taking a portion of every sale and donating it to a no-kill animal shelter. There are an estimated 2,000,000 homeless pets are euthanized each year. Help us help to reduce this number. When you sell your phone to cell4pets.com you not only receive top dollar for your device you're also helping our most loyal companions."

Extending the life cycle of electronic devices keeps them out of landfills. It's estimated there are millions if not a billion unused cell phones in the US. It is Cell4pets mission to reduce the amount of unused electronic devices that end up in landfills. By refurbishing, reselling, or recycling, Cell4pets is helping to save the planet and giving back to no-kill animal shelters.

Factors impacting the price received for a device:
* Model: It's simple, iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy phones bring the highest offers. The newer the model the higher the offer
* Condition: Please read descriptions carefully. Good and Flawless devices receive significantly more than Fair, Cracked or Broken
* Manufacturer: Apple and Samsung have an edge over the other smartphone manufacturers due to higher global demand

Earn significantly more for iPhones and iPads when selling a device to Cell4pets. Cell4pets has made it really simple to sell iPhones and iPads online. The process is quick and easy, just three simple steps! Cell4pets offers an instant price quote for used Apple iPhones, iPads or Samsung Galaxy smartphones making the entire process seamless. They provide a Priority USPS label and offer different payout options. Even if a device is not listed on the portal, a request can be sent to their team of technicians.

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