NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 released for iOS - Help Diagnose Skin Cancer

New York, New York - Artes Electronics, a technology company specializing in the development of devices for home cancer diagnostics, has announced the update of NOTA mole tracker to version 1.09.3, an application to help diagnose skin cancer/melanoma at home. NOTA mole tracker allows you to detect the slightest changes in moles, as well as quickly make a decision about going to a dermatologist for an appointment for a diagnosis.

"When examining moles according to the ABCDE rule (where each letter means a change, for example, A-asymmetry, B-border, etc.), you can make a lot of mistakes and miss the moment of malignancy of the mole," says the CEO of the company Vassily Zotov "Using NOTA mole tracker to examine moles is similar to using an electronic thermometer. The whole point is that a person can, literally, sitting at home on the couch, check a suspicious, in his opinion, mole and compare the results of past measurements with each other."

Engineering and scientific work was carried out for three years. During this time, blind studies were conducted, when the device measured the bioimpedance of the mole, and then the result was compared with the data of a histological study. A total of 2,859 nevi were measured, including 573 different types of skin cancer. The accuracy of the bioimpedance measurement in determining cancer was 91%, and the vast majority of them were melanomas at stages 0 and 1, when treatment is limited to surgical removal of a malignant mole.

Thanks to the stylish and easy-to-use application, your moles will be under control. When measuring nevi, the bioimpedance method is used, which has been approved by the FDA as a non-invasive method for diagnosing skin cancer. This means that the result of the application can be used as a second opinion when consulting with a doctor and insist on a biopsy if the doctor doubts or does not want to do it. This, in the end, can save your life.

Key Features:
* A personal account, the data from which is stored on a remote secure server
* Two-factor authentication when logging in to your account from a new device
* Remote data analysis, so the application uses minimal phone resources
* Saving the measurement results of moles without the Internet. And uploading the results as soon as the network appears
* Working with the connected device via Bluetooth
* A convenient list of previously examined moles with visualization of the result on the main screen
* The ability to add feedback from the dermatologist after the appointment

Language support:
* English

Device requirements:
* iPhone, IPod touch
* Universal Application
* Requires iOS 13.0 or later

Price and Availability:
The NOTA mole tracker app is free and available in the Health and Fitness category. A personal mole tracker that takes measurements costs $199 USD (or the equivalent amount in other currencies).

NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3
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Artes Electronics was founded in 2019 to develop devices for simple and convenient health monitoring. We are passionate about the idea of helping to detect cancer at an early stage and, thereby, reduce the overall mortality of people from this terrible disease. Today we have already released our first device to the market - the personal tracker of moles NOTA, which helps to monitor moles and track dangerous changes in them. Our goal is to help everyone to monitor their health and enjoy life by creating a simple and convenient product. We value the experience of our users and are constantly implementing innovative features to make the mole tracking application even more convenient and smooth. All materials and software (C) Copyright 2021 Artes Electronics. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and / or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.