LinkOptimizer for InDesign Now Can Assign Serial Numbers to Image Names

Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 5.2.9, a feature update to company's workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer works with Photoshop to lets users automatically scale and crop images to their InDesign size at specified target resolution, convert image formats, adjust colors, embed profiles and more. The new version lets users add link serial number, whether per page or document, to the optimized image names with the option to specify the number of leading zeros.

Popular dice game Noch mal! released as an app for iOS and Android

Independent game developer, Outline Development today releases Noch mal!, the digital version of the popular dice game for iOS and Android. In this fun-to-play game, each player wants to make as many crosses and points as possible. The task is to start from the middle of the sheet, reach stars, fill columns and colors. Whether this can be achieved depends on one's own decisions and, of course, on the luck of the dice. There are no long waits because all players can use the rolled dice.

Basil Salad Software releases BiggerPicture 1.0 for macOS

Basil Salad Software today is proud to announce the release of BiggerPicture 1.0 for macOS. BiggerPicture uses machine-learning to increase the resolution of photos and line-art images without causing pixelation or blurs. The tool enables users to create retina-display images from normal-resolution versions, create printable logos sourced from web graphics, or preprocess vintage cameraphone photographs in preparation for photo-printing. All processing is done within the user's machine.

ProFind - The most advanced File Search App for macOS

Sydney based Zeroonetwenty today announced the availability of ProFind 1.0, their new search app for macOS. Under its elegant user interface, ProFind combines both metadata searches or file system searches into one, providing fast and complete searches. ProFind provides a slew of advanced features, including natural language search queries, application discovery, quick folders, multi-line path view with differences, word highlighting, searching inside invisible folders and packages, and more.

Hydra 1.5 Adds Support for Front and Telephoto Cameras on iPhone

Belgium based developer, Creaceed SPRL today releases Hydra 1.5, a significant update to their HDR photography app for iPhone and iPad. Hydra lets users take beautiful pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions using a variety of capture modes including HDR, Hi-Res, Lo-Light and Zoom. This is achieved by combining up to 60 frames to create a single high-quality picture. Version 1.5 now features support for the telephoto and front cameras respectively in Zoom and Lo-Light/HDR modes.

Free Imposition Software Now Available for Adobe InDesign Users

Meadows Publishing Solutions has released a new version of their Meadows Productivity Suite, a completely free set of software utilities for Adobe InDesign. With complete control over content placement and fitting, the MPS Pro Suite includes an advanced multi-up imposition utility, allowing users to quickly create multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, or InDesign documents. The new version is now compatible with Adobe InDesign CC 2018 for both Macintosh and Windows.

WaterField Unveils the Tech Folio Plus, an Extensive Tech Accessory Case

San Francisco's WaterField Designs today introduces the Tech Folio Plus, a premium gear organizer aimed to protect an iPad and electronic accessories that IT consultants and specialists in their field carry with them every day. The Folio Plus opens like a book via smooth-gliding waterproof zippers. Inside, a multitude of stretch mesh pockets allows users to quickly and easily spot USB cords, dongles, adapters, Air Pods, SD cards, flash drives, a headset, a power supply, and more.

Introducing Finer Focus - Dim away Distractions and Enhance your Focus

California based SpriTec Software today introduces Finer Focus, the company's new utility for macOS. Finer Focus melts away distractions by dimming, blurring and fading the desktop elements that are all around the frontmost app window. These elements include the Dock, the Menu bar, Desktop icons and background windows. This results in the front window remaining bright and sharp, while the surrounding elements simply melt away.

CS Odessa Introduces ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 for Mac and PC

CS Odessa Brings a New Level of Business Processes Visualization with ConceptDraw OFFICE v5. ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 provides knowledge workers, managers, consultants, and project managers with a major update to the ConceptDraw suite that extends each of the product's capabilities. ConceptDraw PRO is renamed as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. The new name reflects the application's role in the ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 suite as a powerful business diagramming tool and more.

Image Utility GraphicConverter 10.6.3 Adds New Import & Filter Options

German indie development team Lemke Software GmbH today announces GraphicConverter 10.6.3, an important update to their award-winning "Swiss Army Knife" image editing utility for macOS. The handy utility provides users with the ability to convert most graphic file formats into any of nearly 80 other graphic formats. Version 10.6.3 brings the removal of Exif image description tag during import from digital camera, a new "kuwahara" smoothing filter, and much more.

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