B-Eng updates File Manager Pro to 1.7.1 with added encryption abilities

B-Eng today announces File Manager Pro 1.7.1, an important update to their popular dual panel file manager for OS X. File Manager Pro offers excellent overview and control for any task. Along with basic functions like copying and moving files and directories, it also allows to compress and uncompress files, compare files and folders, synching files and directories and manipulating content of folders and files from an interactive, graphical overview. Version 1.7. introduces encryption abilities.

Supercharge Mac Backups with ChronoSync 4.8

The easiest ChronoSync ever has Assistants that now guide you through the process of configuring a Synchronizer Task. Schedule entry and editing is completely new and makes running Tasks a breeze! The new 'Validate...' step checks backed up data and confirms backups down to every last detail. ChronoSync now stacks operations and copies multiple files simultaneously, making this the fastest ChronoSync, ever! ChronoSync 4.8 is a free update or Download today from Econ Technologies, Inc.

Coming Soon - Avernum 3: Ruined World - Fantasy Adventure for Macintosh

Spiderweb Software, Inc., announced today the upcoming release of Avernum 3: Ruined World. A tale of desperate exiles and their battle for a land to call their own, Avernum 3 is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure with many hours of gameplay. Explore an enormous world that evolves as time passes. Towns are destroyed. Refugees flee. Disasters happen. Features an intricate battle system with multitudes of abilities, character traits, and unique magical artifacts.

Innovative Software for Regional and National Macroeconomic Forecasting

KnowledgeMiner Software announces the release of INSIGHTS 6, a groundbreaking predictive analytics tool to forecast macroeconomic development in a new way by introducing self-organizing modeling of interdependent systems for easy ex ante forecasting. Accompanying examples such as forecasting the U.S., Japanese, or German national economies until 2021, compared to forecasts provided by the International Monetary Fund, demonstrate the power and productivity of this outstanding modeling technology.

PDF Checkpoint Is Available on BundleHunt: Preflight and Conversion Tool

Zevrix Solutions announces that PDF Checkpoint, the company's PDF preflight and conversion solution, is now available on software discount site BundleHunt. The bundle deal lets users select 7 premium Mac apps from a pre-selected assortment of 47 software titles for $22 only. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, converts to images, splits and optimizes multiple Adobe PDF files. Users can convert PDF colors, compress images, optimize resolution, and check documents for errors.

Lift the limitations of Access with FmPro Migrator 8.34 Conversions

California based .com Solutions Inc. has released FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 8.34. FmPro Migrator is a stand-alone application which quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase and more. Users of Microsoft Access databases can lift the limitations of Microsoft Access with FmPro Migrator 8.34 conversions to FileMaker 16. Table Consolidation processing has also been enhanced.

Meet Mellel: The Word Processor Eliminating the Need for MS Word for Mac

Tel Aviv based word processing pioneer, Mellel today releases Mellel 4.0, one of its many innovations to word processing technology in more than 20 years. Its latest version, which includes over 200 new and improved features, is built from the ground up and designed to save writers both time and frustration associated with traditional word processors. It aims to replace Microsoft Word as the preferred word processor of writers who use Mac.

AnyTrans 6.0 Lets Android Users Switch to New iPhone for Free

iMobie today announces their flagship product AnyTrans 6.0 with Free iOS Mover. Available for both Mac and Windows, now users are completely free to transfer most types of Android data to iOS, to iTunes, or even to iCloud, including contacts, messages, photos, music, even settings like wallpapers, brightness and more. Users can just select those parts of data or even a single item to transfer. AnyTrans also ships with two more Free yet awesome features; Media Downloader and iCloud Manager.

QuickerTek Announces Solar PV Chargers for USB Type-C 2015-2017 MacBooks

Kansas based technology leader, QuickerTek today announce the 30 Watt and 60 Watt USB Type-C Solar Juicz Chargers. These solar panels are the only products of their kind, featuring the USB 3.1 adapter cable necessary to power and charge the 2015-2017 MacBook and MacBook Pro 13" and 15" laptop computers. Users of these newest model MacBooks now have access to the convenience of solar power and the satisfaction of protecting the environment.

Piano Tuner PT1 1.0 released for macOS - Professional Piano Tuning App

Bangalore based JSplash Studios releases Piano Tuner PT1 1.0, a professional piano tuning app for macOS. Piano Tuner PT1 enables professional piano technicians to tune a piano to the highest possible standards. Featuring a top-class pitch recognition algorithm, the application shows the precise pitch frequency and deviation from the target frequency for any note, allowing professional piano technicians to perform high-quality tuning of the entire range of the piano.

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